What is the shipping cost for a container?

Shipping cost will vary depending of the distance and the frequency of ships to the port of destination. For example, the ocean freight cost from the port of Montreal to a European port starts at approximately US $1,100 per 20 foot container.

Please note that depending on the destination, we might be able to offer a consolidated / groupage cost for loading and ocean freight.

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What is the approximate transit time?

It varies based on port of destination. For Europe, it is approximately 12 days to 28 days.

How often do ships depart?

There are weekly departures from the port of Montreal.

Can I load personal effects in my vehicle?

If the vehicle is shipped via container, you can load personal effects without extra freight cost.

We will declare the personal effects on the bill of lading in order that there will be no problems with customs clearance at destination.

Do I have to pay fees at destination?

The cost of ocean freight does not include additional fees that are charged upon pickup. These may include Customs clearance, duties, taxes, port terminal fees, unloading and destuffing fees.

These fees vary based on the port of destination. We can refer you to an agent at destination, in order to obtain these costs directly.

Our company does not profit from fees charged upon pickup at destination port.

Which payment options do you accept?

We accept direct deposit to our bank account in Canada if the payer is in Canada or wire transfer if the payer is overseas. We do not accept credit cards.